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1 May 24, 2006 19:36    

After resolving my situation from yesterday, I've encountered a new set of problems trying to get wpc skins to work with my blogs.

Here's my first one.
I'm trying to use the 'Mars Spirit' wpc skin on a blog, but after setting it as the default skin, this is what I shows.

I don't know exactly where to go from here, as I followed all the steps listed in the skins are for making the wpc files into b2evo skins.

Now, with the exact same process, I've created this skin for another one of my blogs.

As you can see, at least the graphics are showing in that blog, but it's got some issues as well. Below is a list of things that I'm trying to get done, if anyone could help, I would greatly appreciate it.

• Align all graphics to the template
• Remove skin switching (it's turned off by default)
• Move my admin and meta options to the left side of the template, to show in the light blue area.

Again, thanks in advance for all help.

3 May 24, 2006 22:10

Sorry about that... Fixed the perms so you should be able to check for any issues.

*edit - I redownloaded the mars-spirit file you gave me yesterday, reuploaded and now I can at least see the basic layout. I think my file got corrupt yesterday somehow.

5 May 24, 2006 23:46

Grr... damn server.
I told it to change the permissions of the entire skin and all sub folders. Apparently it didn't do that...

Anyway, the perms should be working fine now (I hope).

6 May 24, 2006 23:55

Ok, it looks good. You should be able to look through _main.php and remove the part about skin switching. What else did you want changed?

7 May 25, 2006 04:49

Any ideas as to why

Would be all messed up with aligning the images?
I can't seem to find anywhere in the _main.php that would fix that.

Also, any idea if it would be possible (in the posted link) to move the admin and meta options to the color bar in the left?

*edit - I found a fix... just slapped a <center> tag before the beginning of the php code in the _main.php file, and it seems to be working fine.

I do want to thank you for all your help over the past couple days Personman, it has been greatly appreciated by not only myself, but the bloggers on my site as well!

8 May 25, 2006 16:28

Glad you got it fixed. I'm happy to help.

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