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0.9.2 posts_nav_link(); outputs skin path not nav link

Started by on Jun 02, 2006 – Contents updated: Jun 02, 2006

Jun 02, 2006 21:24    

This must have been an error since I upgraded to 0.9.2 some weeks ago, but I've only just noticed.

This code in my skin:


<?php posts_nav_link(); ?>

does output the "Next" link, but the link url points to the path of the skin, as in, not to the usual

This is the same for both skins I am using for two different blogs - it just outputs their respective skin paths.

Going back to my previous (and stable) 0.9.1 fixed everything, of course.

Jun 02, 2006 22:28

Did you try it with the original custom skin (unmodified)? I just did another 0.9.2 installation and sure enough the "next" link works like you'd expect is the reason I ask.

Jun 05, 2006 12:26

Now I can't reproduce this fault on a local server.

How do I get this topic moved to a more relevant category?

Jun 05, 2006 18:54

i used winmerge to perform the upgrade, and I've just checked and find no changes to core skin files. And now my local apache test server does not reproduce the fault, only the remote one.

Are there any 0.9.1 > 0.9.2 mysql differences?

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