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Plugin in for html? can it exist

Started by on Jun 05, 2006 – Contents updated: Jun 05, 2006

Jun 05, 2006 20:30    

Hello new here, nice site....

I just installed this program on my server, and i have a questions. Coming from a webpress blog, I am used to copy and pasting html, say like from a newsletter i did straight into the panels. Ive also done parts of my homepages also... This has proved to be a quick way to get things out for me..

Hence I notice that B2 wont allow this... Is there anyway it can? perhaps a plugin that would allow it..

Im sorry of this is a dumb question, yet im used to what i had and am just checking.

Its hard to change ...



Jun 06, 2006 11:39

b2evolution will let you post any valid html, what exactly are you trying to post and what is the error(s) you're getting?


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