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1 Jun 12, 2006 17:48    

maybe I'm going out on a limb here, but check this cool thing:
It checks any URL for keyword density and delivers back a Cloud similar to Tag Clouds. Very nice.

Now, if this is possible (to just go and parse any location for word density), wouldn't that be a viable approach to offer TagClouding for B2Evolution?

As far as I understand the script
1. :checks a given URL,
2.: reads out all words
3.: omits (too) common words / stop words
4.: counts the other / relevant words
5.: orders them by frequency
6. renders a cloud from that (somehow relating frequency to size, (maybe percentage / 10 = font size? or some suchness))

If that is not too difficult to do (I don't know, I'm not a coder),
wouldn't it be just as easy to have the renderer output each of the words as a link that does a search for the term throughout the blog? Like render "foo" as[blogname]s=foo&sentence=AND&submit=Search

and "bar" as[blogname]s=bar&sentence=AND&submit=Search

and so on?

/me thinks that could be giving visitors a good idea of what a Blog mainly deals with (even if the output changes with each page) - without the author acutally having to tag each and every post.

Could this be done or am I totally off here?!
If this is a stupid idea (or solved or dropped already) for whatever reasons, please let me know. :-)
Best, 'lex

2 Nov 27, 2006 09:35

Just wouder why this post dont get any fedback
Its a great idea jsut looking for same thing
What i found was just the Category Tag cloud
Not that usefull like a keyword Tag Cloud

Would love to see that working with b2evolution

Hope some Pro Coder get interested on that topic
Greats from Vienna

3 Nov 27, 2006 10:17

hey there, I almost dare not speak out here anymore, since I've turned traitor and moved over to wordpress. Which is why I know that there is exactly such a thing as discussed here in form of a plug-in for wordpress. It's called [url=]Cloudy, provided by Chris, the web specialist[/url].
I couldn't believe my luck when I stumbled over it :-) Go check it out, the scripting routine is actually quite simple (which is not to say that this thingo is anywhere near mediocre, but rather that it's inventor did some slick thinking)



4 Nov 28, 2006 01:09

Hi lex
thanks for your fast respons
Get already several solutions for Wordpress
but not one stand alone in php or JS like you descriped above.
even nothin for B2
I dont wounder that peopel move to word press
most problems i had too puzzle together from somewher

I dont look at the date of your post sorry
and thanks

I woundering again is this peace software dead ?

5 Nov 28, 2006 01:35

A [url=]new version[/url] just came out today and the previous release was only 19 days ago. I wouldn't call that dead. The plugins directory ( ) is getting new entries all the time. If you don't find what you need there, and you work out a solution on your own, then it's easy to package it as a plugin and share it with others.

Wordpress is great software. If it meets your needs better than b2evo, then use it. And Lex, you're always welcome here.

[url=]This plugin[/url] adds a tag cloud based on your categories. Not quite the same thing as Cloudy, but maybe worth a look.

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