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[1.6] Trackbacks get still through, though disabled

Started by on Jun 14, 2006 – Contents updated: Jun 14, 2006

Jun 14, 2006 02:58    

I run a private blog at that many people use. For spam reasons (the anti-spam just doesnt cut it) I turn off all comments on all the topics. Until recently this worked fine. For a period i opened my forums for comments, once the spam kicked in again i turned it off. Problem is im still getting spam, about 30 a day. All in the form of trackbacks. i assume turning off comments also prevents trackbacks. relizing i could no longer stop spam this way i even went in and unsubscribed everyone to all the comments. But the spam keeps comming. How do i turn off trackbacks all together? Is this a bug or am i missing something?

I should point out im using 1.6-alpha

I should also point out that i moved the topic i keep getting trackbacks for to members only, still keep getting the trackbacks.

Jun 17, 2006 03:39

I'm not sure, if it will work with 1.6, but try adding this to trackback.php in the htsrv folder:


if( ! $Blog->get('allowtrackbacks') )
        trackback_response( 1, 'Sorry, this weblog does not allow you to trackback its posts.' ); // exits
, after


if( !( $Blog = & $commented_Item->get_Blog() ) )
        trackback_response( 1, 'Sorry, could not get the post\'s weblog.' ); // exits
(or similar).

Alternatively, if you want to disable trackbacks the hard way, just add a


die('Sorry, no trackbacks allowed.');
at the beginning (but at least after the "<?php" in trackback.php).

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