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1 Jun 15, 2006 03:40    

In the ality skin, how can I remove the duplicate header name that appears behind the title? I would just like the blog name to appear once without the duplicating effect.

2 Jun 15, 2006 04:31

Do you want the one in the background or the foreground to remain? Open skins/Ality/_main.php and remove one of these two lines:

	<h1 id="pageTitle1"><?php $Blog->disp( 'name', 'htmlbody' ) ?></h1>
	<h1 id="pageTitle2"><?php $Blog->disp( 'name', 'htmlbody' ) ?></h1>

The first gives you the lower case 'background' title. The second gives you the 'unmodified' foreground title.

3 Jun 16, 2006 00:17

Commenting out the first line changes the position of the text. It ends up at the top left of the webpage, not in its original position.

Commenting out the second line, did the trick except that the title was in lowercase. I took a shot at figuring it out and in skins/ality/ality.css there's a section that defines the h1#pageTitle1 uhhh 'thing' (object? class? function?) and in there there's a text-transform function. Commented that out and problem solved!

Thanks for the help!

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