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1 Jun 16, 2006 11:36    

Hello Crowd,
another question re 0.9.x, re skin "plain" and my skin build based on that:

AFAIK the icon displayed for "more"-Links is loaded from a b2evo core folder:

I can't find a reference pointing to /img/smilies/ inside the skin/s folder so I reckon the icon call must be governed from elsewhere.

If I wish to set a "more"-icon for my skin specifically, without forcing the same icon on all other skins, how and where could I do that?

Thanks for your help, best regards, 'lex

2 Jun 16, 2006 12:35

the / at the start of /img/smilies/icon_arrow.gif means that the folder is in your webroot not in your skins folder.

These are all the parameters you can use when doing $Item->content(); one of these allows you to specify the read more text.

* Template function: display content of item
* WARNING: parameter order is different from deprecated the_content(...)
* {@internal Item::content(-) }}
* @todo Param order and cleanup
* @param mixed page number to display specific page, # for url parameter
* @param mixed true to display 'more' text, false not to display, # for url parameter
* @param string text to display as the more link
* @param string text to display as the more anchor (once the more link has been clicked)
* @param string string to display before more link/anchor
* @param string string to display after more link/anchor
* @param string Output format, see {@link format_to_output()}
* @param integer max number of words
* @param boolean true if you don't want to repeat teaser after more link was pressed
* @param string filename to use to display more


3 Jun 16, 2006 12:48

Hello Yabba, thanks, I guess I'm too much of a noob in PHP to make a move based on your reply. Sorry.

What line/s would I have to put into my _main.php to enforce /myskinfolder/images/mymore.gif as icon for "more" links?

Thank you so much. Best, 'lex

5 Jun 16, 2006 12:57

No problem ;)

$Item->content( '#', '#', '<img src="images/mymore.gif" alt="read more" /> Read more...' );


lol, I couldn't find that page when I originally went looking for it :p

6 Jun 16, 2006 14:29

Hello Topanga and Yabba: Terrific! Thanks! :)

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