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1 Jun 17, 2006 23:52    

Hello Crowd, just a question that crossed my mind:

Imagine a blog having grown for some time, posts referring to preceding ones and all. A new visitor wants to catch up. Is there a way one could include a toggle to switch from the postings default sort order (chronologically backwards) to chronologically ascending and back if required?

Best regards, 'lex.

3 Jun 20, 2006 21:11

Hello Danny, thanks for the tip! :-)
How would I set the cookie?
And: Is there a way to display the current sort status?
Thx! Best regards,

4 Jun 21, 2006 15:49


I've been playing around with this and it's not as easy as I expected. By the time the skin files are executed, the $_POST array seems to have been cleared. So, there's no good way to check for the order parameter in the url and set cookies based on that.

Displaying the current sort order is easy, though:

echo 'Post order: '.$order;

5 Jun 21, 2006 23:55

I wonder if you can do a stub file with $order=asc and point to a blog that either has another stub defined or doesn't use stubs?

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