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1 Jul 01, 2006 02:39    

One thing i would like to know about my plugins is the information on their setups and what the user thinks of the plugin.

Now what i'm requesting is a option in the plugins tab, called:
'I would like to provide feedback on my experience with plugins'.

Now if this is checked, after a plugin install the user would get a little notification asking them wether they would like to submit feedback back to the author of the plugin about the installation.

And things like [ B2evolution Version, Plugin Version, How did you found out about the plugin, Was the plugin installation easy, any suggestions? ] would be sent back to the author.

As well on uninstall;
[ B2evolution Version, Plugin Version, Why are you uninstalling the plugin?, Suggestions?, Days Installed, Times Used ] would be sent back to the author.

And when the user is in the plugins settings they would have a submit feedback button containg;
[ B2evolution Version, Plugin Version, How has your experience been, Any suggestions?, Times Used, Days Installed ]

Yeh, the Usage counter would be done manually by the plugin, and the days installed would be done by the evo core, or manually.

In each report sent back, the user would also have the option to;
[ Attach any additional information the plugin has collected ]
And it would provide information on what the plugin collected, like specific usage information.

Yeh, this might sound evil, but it would really help getting feedback back to the developers of the plugins, so they can make the plugin and future plugins better.

Maybe when the user accepts to send information to the plugin developers, they will also get the option to include things like the Blog Url, or anything that could be counted as non-anonymous data.
And plugins that do collect additional information would use this option so they know what to collect as well.

And maybe also a option 'Send information about my experience, but don\'t ask me anything else', so anything like 'any suggestions?' or 'Is the plugin easy to install?' would not be asked.
And if the above option is selected another option would be enabled titled 'Don\'t ask me if i want to send data, just send it'.

Also a bug reporting form would also be nice.

Thoughts? Ideas?

I would be interested in developing this feature.

2 Jul 02, 2006 23:11

Or you could just put your email address in the plugin documentation and if people want to send feedback, they can choose to do so.

If you want to include nagging crap like that in your plugin, though, be my guest. But adding that to the plugin api is worse than pointless, imo.

3 Jul 03, 2006 00:37

	var $help_url = '';  // empty URL defaults to manual wiki, in this case:';

For a plugin back in the day I put the URL to a blog post about the plugin. Doesn't specify a format, but it provides an opportunity for the user to learn more about the plugin and give some feedback to ya.

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