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1 Jul 11, 2006 05:17    

In the back office, under the "posts" tab, when "Blog All" is selected with the "post list" tab, I'm getting an "object id #", in addition to the blog name link, in the "Blog" column.

Everything works (the blog name is correct and the link functional, it's just accompanied by the array output "object id#NUM")

Object id#121BlogNameLink

2 Jul 11, 2006 10:27

Hi Scott,

What happens if you change this line inc/view/items/_browse_posts_list2.view.php (approx line 73)

			'td' => '@get_Blog()@<a href="¤regenerate_url( \'blog,results_order\', \'blog=@blog_ID@\' )¤">@Blog->dget(\'shortname\')@</a>',

to this :-

			'td' => '<a href="¤regenerate_url( \'blog,results_order\', \'blog=@blog_ID@\' )¤">@Blog->dget(\'shortname\')@</a>',


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