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1 Jul 11, 2006 12:32    

Post the programming enviroment where you do all your best work.

Heres mine:

Time: 4am
Location: My Room
Temperature: Between cold and warm, more on the cold side.
Situation: Have a few assignments due in a couple of days, all need a lot of work to be finished in time.

Should be an interesting topic for shits and giggles :> and maybe some learning :P

2 Jul 11, 2006 16:26

Disclaimer: I don't really program. I hack. Close, but technically not the same thing eh?

  • Time: whenever. if code is the thing to do then cool. i'll have a seat and tickle the keys a bit. Lately it's been after work when my 'best' effort comes out, but that's only recently. My only deadlines are self imposed because I do this stuff for kicks.

  • Location: almost always at a computer, but sometimes i've used a pad of paper when i was away from the computer and had a flash of genius on something that was bugging me. I insist on it being MY computer though. Can't stand doing code stuff on someone else's crappy little box!

  • Temp: gotta be comfortable is all. If the place I'm living is cold or hot then that's what is so there you go. I'm more inclined to a warmer locale than a cooler one, and you'll understand why in a moment.

  • [*]Situation: i've got a bit of a buzz on and i'm mostly nekid. used to be mostly pot. man could i dig on code when stoned! now it's mostly booze. man can i dig on code when drunk! tried hacking while tripping once. NOT a good idea! you end up with backups made of like tree bark and orange peels and stuff, and for some reason you think "maybe" is a legal operator to join PHP and Javascript in a .txt file. :roll:[/list:u]

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