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Creative Commons License plugin for v1.8

Started by on Jul 16, 2006 – Contents updated: Jul 16, 2006

Jul 16, 2006 09:33    

An actual factual plugin - no hacking required! Well, sort of...

CC License lets bloggers stick a creative commons license in their post. Or not. You pick the default license and display method. You pick some other stuff. You style the span tag the license shows up in. When you blog you can just use the default license and display method, or pick whichever and whatever from dropdown menus. Add the license by clicking, appropriately enough the "Add this license" button. Going way back to the beginning of time, it's sort of smart about some language codes, and (with a bit or bunch of work on your part) not gonna throw a hissy fit if you've already got old posts with 2.0 generation licenses on them. is a blog post that rambles on pointlessly before finally getting to which is the zip you'll need to unzip and upload and install.

If you used a prior version of this plugin then you'll have to do some stuff to make it be backwards-compatible. Once done this plugin will work with 2.0 generation licenses. Read my blog post for the scoop on that.

Jul 16, 2006 09:49

Yay I'm in an EdB plugin, I'm gonna be rich, I'm gonna be famous, I'm gonna be ..... urm ..... errrr ....... ack, summat else :D

*raises glass* cheers ;)


Jul 16, 2006 09:59

Can you explain what CC is?

Jul 16, 2006 10:20

OOPS! [url=]Creative Commons[/url].

The 'backwards compatible' thing is because the nice people at cc decided to upgrade all the licenses to 2.5 after Daniel Morrison made [url=]the first version[/url] of this plugin. He did most of all of what goes on in there. I added creating 2.5 licenses and supporting 2.0s, and the option to use slightly customized text in the license. This time around I made it be 1.8 friendly and moved all the "hack the plugin to customize it" into the stuff that shows up when you click the plugin name. Plus some stuff. I sort of wish I had held off on releasing this until I either came up with a few different custom texts or created the ability for the admin to customize the text, but I didn't. That's what revs are all about eh?

So yeah: ¥åßßå (aka the flying MothMan) gets a hat tip in the blog post and the plugin. Cruising through the code, I can easily see what Daniel did and where I left my fingerprint, AND where ¥åßßå's help got the 1.6 version off the ground. This time around some direct assistance helped me move forward, and some clues in a PMd file were the cats meow relative to ratcheting up the plugin's settingness. (Normally I use "the t**s n****e" but that's not forum-friendly!)

Anyway CC is creative commons. I'll change the name of this thread if I can.

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