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Set a default category on new posts

Started by on Mar 09, 2004 – Contents updated: Mar 09, 2004

Mar 09, 2004 18:54    

I've done this about 20 times now -- create a post and have it in the wrong category -- the default category for a new post isn't the one I normally choose, and so if I don't click on the right one each time, I have to go back and edit the post to set it correctly -- it'd be nice to be able to set a default.

Feb 18, 2006 14:28

I like this idea, having a default category that all posts are in.

But also another feature that i REALLY want is to have a default category for browsing the posts.
So say going to 'blogs/index.php' goes to my default blog (Main / #2) right and because it has a default category, it only displays the posts in that category.

So when i go to;
Its the same as going to;

This is good because then i can have a blog for my company and the categories;
General, Portfolio, Vision, Services.

With General being the default category, so that way i don't have to set up a individual blog for those categories.

So i can still have my other blogs eg. School, Personal, etc.

I really think this is a must, and would like to know if anyone else agrees.

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