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1 Aug 05, 2006 20:34    

Seems most of the comment spam I get these days uses what looks like an email address in the URL field, then includes their junk as URLs in the comment body. So I thought to myself "if b2evolution didn't accept a comment that had an @ in the URL field I wouldn't be seeing most of this crap" even though I know they'd adapt. Again.

2 Aug 05, 2006 21:37

@ is valid in URLs.

3 Aug 06, 2006 02:27

Bummer. Another great idea dashed to pieces on the rocky shore of reality :(

4 Aug 07, 2006 16:02

Just got another one. Never mind the @ in the URL - if the email ID is also the URL it's spam. I'm thinking I can do that with the basic antispam plugin so that'll be something fun for me to tinker with.

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