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Started by on Aug 12, 2006 – Contents updated: Aug 12, 2006

Aug 12, 2006 01:18    

I found that the only useful too (to me) in the BLOGGER setup was the 'Blog This' function, allowing a person to post via an addon to the browser toolbar. The function would open a sidebar in your browser allowing you to make a post without ever having to enter the the blog site. Does B2Evo have anything like this?

Aug 12, 2006 02:36

thats part of the [wiki]xml-rpc[/wiki] specification, and, yes, just like other nearly every other blog package, b2evo uses it.

Aug 12, 2006 18:51

Actually I think you're refering to the sidebar bookmarklet. And yes b2evo has that too (as a plugin shipped with the package).

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