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1 Aug 15, 2006 19:00    

Where can I find it?


2 Aug 15, 2006 20:17

Till now, nobody made a translation..

3 Aug 16, 2006 00:02

Uhm... Can I try to make one ;)
I saw the last translation is 0.9.2, should I make a clean traslation (from /b2evolution/blogs/locales/messages.pot file) or can I find somewhere a pot file "Summer Beta" partially translated with old italian's pot file (the best choise 'cause I wouldn't newly translate it at all)?


4 Aug 16, 2006 09:40

Normally you can find a half-baked translation pot in cvs.
The difference between 0.9.2 and 1.8 is enomous, so be prepared to translate more than 800 sentences.

6 Aug 16, 2006 13:58

Uhm.. I've downloaded cvs, but /b2evolution/blogs/locales/it_IT/LC_MESSAGES/messages.po it's only 5,872 lines instead 10,732, what's it wrong?


7 Aug 16, 2006 14:02

Where did you get the expected number from? (10,732)

8 Aug 16, 2006 14:22

/b2evolution/blogs/locales/messages.pot (catalog file) has 10,732 lines

9 Aug 16, 2006 14:29

Well then maybe it means you have 4,860 more lines to translate :roll: I wouldn't know, you'll need to research that yourself or wait for someone that knows a bit about localization to tell you about it....

10 Aug 16, 2006 14:38

balupton wrote:

you'll need to wait for someone that knows a bit about localization to tell you about it....

I would do that...

11 Aug 16, 2006 23:15

You have to merge the messages.POT (Template file) to the it_IT messages.PO file (msgmerge -u, if I remember correctly).

I could send you a .PO file for it_IT, merged from the .POT file, if you don't want to do it yourself. Then you would have to "just" translate that file with poedit, KBabel or any text editor.

Search for "gettext win32" and/or "gettext tools win32" and you should find the package that includes msgmerge.exe. It's included in any Linux distribution probably, btw.

12 Aug 17, 2006 13:03

I solved with poedit ;)


13 Aug 21, 2006 03:23

Anyone know when the italian localization is ready?

14 Aug 21, 2006 10:30

Localization is completed! Now I'm only test if translation is accurate: would you help me to check it?


17 Aug 23, 2006 15:24

Se un grande! :p
Lo testo per bene e ti faccio sapere se è tutt ok, per adesso è una cannonata!!!! grazie!!! :D

18 Jul 31, 2007 18:16

x gli italiani:

ho scaricato l'ultima versione (1.10.2), ma come faccio a localizzarla in italiano?

19 Sep 20, 2007 23:06

Il link contenente la taduzione non funziona
qualcuno potrebbe renderla nuovamente disponibile?

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