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1 Aug 16, 2006 15:09    

Now let's all go and drink to it :D

:roll: spose i'll write something memorable... (re-reads what personman wrote to get ideas)

Well yeh like any commitment, had it's good and it's bads. I've learnt soo much from the experience, who would believe that a when i signed up a year and a half ago i never had touched php before :) So yeh, hopefully i've been and still am helping people out enough, so they'll be here writing the same stuff in the future.

So thanks to the regulars, and everyone else for putting up with me this long :) Hope i've made a worthwhile difference. And let's raise our glasses for the new beggining of the next 1000 posts and what the experience may hold for me B)

Now lets go party :>

2 Aug 16, 2006 15:20

just wait till I delete some of your posts :P

3 Aug 16, 2006 15:30

whoo wrote:

just wait till I delete some of your posts :P

8| Man that's harsh! :P

Just wait till you ask me for help on a new cloud B) Ooo yeh, you love your clouds ;)

Cheers anyway for the.... whoo style cheer :)

5 Aug 16, 2006 20:13

Balupton ...... urm some aussie wrote:

Hope i've made a worthwhile difference.

You've certainly made a difference :|

Now yer a Garrulous User Requires Uninstalling ;)

*hands (expensive) beer* ...... there's always hope that the next 1,000 will be a smidge less argumentative huh? :|


6 Aug 17, 2006 22:16

some blonde wrote:

*hands (expensive) beer*

* sells expensive beer, and with the money buys two cheap aussie beers :D *

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