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1 Aug 20, 2006 22:55    

EDIT: [url=]The real skins site is back![/url]

2 Aug 23, 2006 07:19

Here's a fix for the feedback file for wpc_default, it will properly show the captcha image, moderation queue, and the top message after sending a comment.

Issue: I can't figure out how to skin the new feedback form, so this one is not true to the original skin.

attached zip file

Can be used for both b2e v1.8.0 beta and v1.8.1 RC

3 Aug 23, 2006 16:25

Got it - thanks. I'll do what I can with it, but since it's part of the official package and I'm not a dev team player all I can do is pester Da Boss about including it. Oh plus offer it as an alternative to the canned version ;)

Hmmm... Part of the WPC_ skins thing is that the switching user can just drop their style sheet in and it works. I never messed with them at all, but my point is maybe that's why you found issues you needed to correct? No matter! I'll check out your fixes and find a way to offer users your enhanced version.

4 Sep 07, 2006 23:43

thanks for doing Ality. I use that one.

5 Sep 08, 2006 19:33

If I post a style that I like can you re-create it?

6 Sep 13, 2006 01:49

iampedro wrote:

If I post a style that I like can you re-create it?

I wanted to ask the same thing - I was super excited to get b2evo up and running...except that after looking through all the skins, the one I wanted the most doesn't work! A bunch of my secondary choices didn't work, either, so I picked one that was available from the link above. I would really really really love to see [url=]Leaf[/url] revamped... I tried following one of the FAQs on updating a skin, but I got lost midway!

7 Oct 02, 2006 00:48

Maybe EdB you could set up a list of skins that are commonly requested for the change. And when a skinner gets bored enough, they will look at the list..

8 Oct 02, 2006 03:28

Would love to see the Black_Red skin upgraded for 1.8

9 Feb 05, 2007 16:33

Good point. I did not respond to the (reasonable) requests for specific skins because if I said "yes" to one I would be obliged to say yes to all, and don't feel qualified for such a task. Anyway yeah: we should be looking at exquisite compatibility with 1.9.2 (at this particular moment, so I'll lock this thread.

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