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1 Aug 23, 2006 04:13    

I have a few old clients still using the old b2. They still love it, it's so easy to use.

However, it appears that since the beginning of August the sort function for displaying posts has changed. It looks like the same thing has happened at

Anybody else noticed this?

Any ideas how to fix it?

Thanks for looking in.

2 Aug 23, 2006 05:48

Wasn't it discontinued and 2 forks came out of it - b2evolution and WordPress?

3 Aug 23, 2006 06:02

yes, and there is no longer a forum for b2.

However, I felt there may be a chance others were still using it and have experienced the same issue.

4 Aug 23, 2006 16:21

If there are other folk using it you probably won't find them here. As a general rule people have chosen one or the other spin-offs, and you'll find them either here or at WP's forums. Sometimes both maybe, but I can't imagine you'll find much support for a long-dead program.

Time to tell the clients "move on or deal with it yourself".

5 Aug 24, 2006 01:09

Thanks for taking the trouble to reply.

I thought that in such a large community using php - and working with a program that is a spin-off of the one I am referring to - there may be somebody who could shed some light on:

'why an old php script whould suddenly display posts in the incorrect order' that is, 'ascending' order rather than 'descending'.

6 Aug 24, 2006 02:29

I'm only guessing: something that's changed in php? Obviously the program (b2) didn't change, so that only leaves the tools the program uses to make web pages.

Sorry I can't offer you more info, but I'm not a server/php guy. I sorta know a bit about b2evolution, and I know nothing about good old b2.

I also know nothing about WP, but you really should encourage your clients to make a switch. Some will dig on the multiblog multiuser aspect that b2evolution does without issue. Others will dig on the ease of use that WP has. Either way, it's going to be harder and harder for you to support b2 going forward.

7 Aug 24, 2006 02:48

Thanks Ed

Our server guys have just informed me that there HAVE been recent changes to MySQL which may have changed how it calls the queries from the database. Guess I'm going to have to go digging. There goes another weekend.

I elected some time ago to go with b2evolution and think it's a top product. Will take another look at WordPress if you think it's easier to use. It may be the thing for these few people.

Thanks again for your interest and assistance.

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