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1 Sep 02, 2006 01:52    

Hi friends of b2evolution:

I have just made an update to the last b2evolution, the 0.9.2, and now always I´m clicking the "write a post" or the administrator link, I get the message I copy below. Some idea of what is going wrong?

Thank in advance

Pedro from Madrid

403 Forbidden
Please stop referer spam.
We have identified that you have been refered here by a known or supposed spammer.

If you feel this is an error, please bypass this message and leave us a comment about the error. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

If you are actually doing referer spam, please note that this website/b2evolution no longer records and publishes referers. Not even legitimate ones! While we understand it was fun for you guys while it lasted, please understand our servers cannot take the load of all this cumulated spam any longer... Thank you.

Also, please note that comment/trackback submitted URLs will be tagged with rel="nofollow" in order to be ignored by search engines.

2 Sep 02, 2006 19:56

Sorry again:

Yet another problem.

When I try to update de blacklist in the antispam option, I get this message:

Requesting abuse list from
Hora de la última actualización: 2005-02-20 11:20:38

Respuesta:: [Array] [20050713T15:34:23]

Añadiendo cadenas a la lista negra local:

Añadiendo: [tigerspice] :
MySQL error!

Duplicate entry 'tigerspice' for key 2(Errno=1062)

Your query:

INSERT INTO evo_antispam( aspm_string, aspm_source )
VALUES( 'tigerspice', 'central' )

I have delete the tigerspice tag once and once again and always get the same message with this word "tigerspice" or another.

Always can see tha the last valid update is from 2005-02-20 .

Any idea of what is going wrong and how to fix it?

Thanks in advance

3 Sep 24, 2006 19:04

Do these problems not get answered??? This is a serious problem. I have it to.

4 Sep 24, 2006 23:36

You could delete the whole "antispam" table in the database and refetch it.

5 Sep 25, 2006 01:28

I didn't notice avilesgu's question, but blueyed's answer is correct. Basically something about your domain name is somehow caught by the blacklist. There have been cases where people added themselves to their own blacklist, but I don't know specifically what's going on in these two cases.

So yeah: use phpmyadmin (or something similar to EMPTY (not drop) your evo_antispam table. Use the same utility to edit the "antispam_last_update" field in your evo_settings table and make it be "2001-01-01 00:00:00". You will have a bare naked antispam list, and when you request an update the central database will think you are a new user.

Hope it helps.

6 Oct 09, 2006 01:49

When I used to use the domain, it would block me by default since one of the keywords downloaded from the server was "" and whenever I tried to click a link it would block me. You could try using the search function of the blacklist or phpMyAdmin to try and find the record that references your domain.

7 Oct 26, 2006 20:52


I wanna thanks you both for give some solution about this problem.

It worked fine when I made these fixes through phpMyAdmin.

But yet another one since the last update:

Now, I can´t see the updated list on the statisctic tables. Is always ecqual to CERO.

Any other idea about to fix it?

Thanks a lot in advance


8 Oct 26, 2006 21:08

Edit the antispam_last_update setting in evo_settings. Set it to e.g. "2000-01-01 00:00:00".

btw: Upgrading to 1.8.3 would not make the antispam list necessary anymore. I'm using it nadda - just the captcha plugin.

9 Oct 26, 2006 21:16

Thanks a lot again.

I think I have fix it yet ¡¡

I tell you what I did: I have download again the _stat.php and copy it again. The reason was I was previously have deleted it to fix the problem. Now everything seems to work again oK. :)

Thanks again from Madrid


10 Oct 26, 2006 21:20

How does the captcha plugin stop referer spam?

11 Oct 26, 2006 21:42

EdB, you're right.

I've just looked at my stats and had quite a few of them.

I have a huge list in my shorewall/iptables setup (from a few patterns where I grep logfiles with), but not updated them recently.

The stats are the only place where I see them and of course the server generates all the pages for those spammers.. :/

Edit: However, there's also an option in the basic antispam plugin to check the referer URL's content for a real link. This could auto-add them to the blacklist, but then it's not basic anymore.

12 Oct 26, 2006 22:55

As additional information: I've noticed referer spammers seem to be on the decline, due probably to not publicly displaying referer info anymore. Seems like the really dumb ones try to reach the top of a non-existent list, so it's easy to tell who they are.

We can win battles but the war will last forever. No matter what path is closed they'll find another one to abuse.

13 Oct 26, 2006 23:32

blueyed wrote:

Edit the antispam_last_update setting in evo_settings. Set it to e.g. "2000-01-01 00:00:00".

btw: Upgrading to 1.8.3 would not make the antispam list necessary anymore. I'm using it nadda - just the captcha plugin.

Are you teasing me again blueyed about version 1.8.3 LOL

I am ready to test it if it is available. I am happy just using the captcha plugin as well and would be happy to get rid of the antispam list. I have better things to do then worry about a spam list.


14 Oct 27, 2006 15:03

raymond3900 wrote:

Are you teasing me again blueyed about version 1.8.3 LOL

:D I've meant 1.8.x in general (and you seem to be new in this thread?!)..

1.8.2 is available, and 1.8.3 should be in a short time.

15 Nov 01, 2006 08:23

LOL.... ok I see how you are... Let me know when it is in beta and i'll put it to the test. Take care! Also I did make a comment about the captcha plugin so I stayed on topic.. lol So are you saying the list will no longer exsist in 1.8.3? Not that it matters to me either way. I am happy enough with just the plugin.


16 Nov 01, 2006 12:43

The blacklist will stay, of course.

It might get converted into a plugin someday, which makes sense IMHO, but nobody seems to care enough.

17 Jan 16, 2007 02:55

I know this is not the idea of this forum and I apologize in advance... but, I managed with the use of phpMyAdmin to empty the anti-spam database, what I don't know how to do now is:

Edit the antispam_last_update setting in evo_settings. Set it to e.g. "2000-01-01 00:00:00".

could anybody help me with this? I'm running version 1.8.6

Thank You!

18 Jan 16, 2007 13:24

You go to your database using something like phpmyadmin. You select the table called 'evo_settings' by clicking it's name in the left sidebar. You click 'browse'. You then find the field called antispam_last_update and click the edit icon (looks like a pencil) and change the value for that field to the 2001 date.

19 Jan 16, 2007 20:04

Thank You EdB!

Perfect, clear, concise explanation. I really appreciate your help.

My Best Regards

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