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1 Sep 10, 2006 13:01    

I've seen this in 0.9.2 also. <code> </code> doesn't seem to work. Nothing happens. I've no choice but to use <blockquote> instead


2 Sep 10, 2006 16:43

What do you mean with "work"?

3 Sep 10, 2006 16:59

I mean 'nothing happens'. The 'code' i know of is similar to [ code ] in, say, phpBB, where it indents the text inwards a bit, sticks it in a box, and sometimes gives different colors to functions, vars, etc...

But in the b2 i have, when i stick any text or code between <code>...</code> it's just displayed normally, as if i didn't specify anything.

Or am i completely mistaking a point here?


5 Sep 10, 2006 17:44

Thanks. That's exactly what i need.

So the <code> issue is just a theme issue? Because <code></code> is included as a button in the post creation part of the blog, and it would be a shame if it didn't really have a default function as the rest of the buttons do. (just a suggestion).

Good luck with the development.

6 Sep 10, 2006 18:18

CODE gets handled special somewhere, e.g. the smilies plugin does not replace smilies therein, but nothing really more.
I also think that a CODE special tag (in []) like with phpbb would be nice to have in the core, but it's also just fine if there's a plugin for it.

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