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[F-R] Seperation of Post and Edit Permissions [Added in 2.0]

Started by on Sep 28, 2006 – Contents updated: Sep 28, 2006

Sep 28, 2006 22:29    

Reported by; rnjonjo & clicks, here;

At the moment, if you give a user permission to make posts, they also get permissions to edit posts. I know b2evo clearly states this. But really post and edit permissions should be seperate.

A use case scenario would be;
I set up a multiblog enviroment with b2evo, a new user registers, he gets a blog, but with b2evo without this feature, he also gets permission to edit everyone elses posts!

So yeh, this feature should be in b2evo by default.

We don't mind if it comes in future releases of b2evo (e.g. the 2.x series), as EdB has volunteered himself to do it for the 1.8.2 release ;)

So yeh...

It is added into the core for 2.0, and a plugin is available for the 1.8 (maybe 1.9) releases here;

Nov 10, 2006 21:59

Any news for this?

I will add it if need be...

Dec 11, 2006 01:35

well not sure if it is allready on the demo site.
But is discussed on the devteam at the moment

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