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1 Oct 06, 2006 21:52    

Hi All,

I am getting an mysql error when trying to send email to a comment. The message is this:

MySQL error!

Data too long for column 'hit_uri' at row 1(Errno=1406)

anyone no why? Any input appreciated



2 Oct 06, 2006 23:53

Looks like there is a email section I overlooked. Maybe a moderator can move this post there.

3 Oct 07, 2006 00:04

Because the URL gets longer than 250 chars (because of the redirect_to param probably) and MySQL barks at two long data in strict mode.

Here's the fix:

The easiest would be probably to download the whole file from there (*checkout*/evocms/b2evolution/blogs/inc/MODEL/sessions/_hit.class.php?pathrev=v-1-8).

4 Oct 07, 2006 00:25

Thanks blueyed. I will give it a try. I'll let you know if that fixed it.


5 Oct 07, 2006 00:53

Hi, I applied the fix you sent me blueyed and now when I click on the envelope on the comments I no longer get the mysql error, However now when I send the comment it shows the error on the bottom of the screen but I noticed that the email still sent ok. So not sure why it is displaying an error when sending now through a comment. Before I applied the fix it would display the mysql error on the bottom of the window just clicking on the envelope on a comment.


6 Oct 07, 2006 00:58

Does it show the same error?

Do you have a link, so I could see it for myself?

7 Oct 07, 2006 02:21

Hi Blueyed,

Well I ended up having to put the original file back up because the stats wouldn't work with the new php file either for some reason. but here is a link to a post with comments. But actually if you click on any comment with an envelope to send email back you will see the error if you scrool down to bottom of page without sending or typing anything.

Here is a link:

Click on the envelope in the comment from member romcom and then scrool to bottom of the windows. I still am unsure why the new hit class caused the stats to quit working as well in the admin section.

8 Oct 07, 2006 02:36

By the way the site is just in testing phase so there is alot of BS on there at the moment... LOL Well evidently it is still sending email through the comments even with the original hit class file but just shows the mysql error on bottom of window.

9 Oct 07, 2006 16:57

It does not help, if you put the old file back up.. I can reproduce the error you're seeing now (with the old file) locally ("Data too long"), IF I remote the fix.
So please put back the (supposed to be) fixed version of Hit class up and tell how I can see the error you're experiencing after uploading it.

12 Oct 07, 2006 23:14

That seem to fix the problem totally blueyed. Everything else seems to be working fine as well. Thanks again!


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