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1 Oct 07, 2006 06:00    

Hello everyone ^^.

I've a real problem with spam. Everyday, I put words in the blacklisting's list but everyday, they come with new words and spam my blog. (they == I don't really know who...).

Is there a way to really avoid spam (or at least avoiding daily spam!).

I don't know much about b2b for now but is there is number verification option or something like that?

Thanks in advance for your replies.


2 Oct 07, 2006 14:09

If you have installed 1.8.2, I can't imagine that you have to mutch spam.

the 1.8.x serious are real spam-killers..; Try them..

If you have installed and are using 1.8.2, then you can come back

3 Oct 08, 2006 06:03

Hello and thanks for your reply.

I'm not using the 1.82 version, I'll try it, thanks.

For now, I'm using the 1.81. About spam, it's a lot for me (something like 10 or 20 messages everyday. Some other days, none...).

4 Nov 29, 2006 14:06

im using that version
and its pretty good against spam
all days u have like 700 more new trackbacks to confirm
and the spam words doesnt have more that 4 words
so its hard to erase all
today i erase 12.000 trackbaks that were spam :S

5 Nov 29, 2006 14:36

Why do you use trackback ???
Do you have valid trackbacks ?

6 Dec 06, 2006 00:59

Topanga wrote:

Why do you use trackback ???
Do you have valid trackbacks ?

Valid trackbacks? I am having this same issue with trackback spam and from what I have seen there are no options to check if its a valid trackback

7 Dec 06, 2006 01:07

Using the basic_antispam plugin allows checking if the trackback really is a clip from a web that links you, but I think spammers figured that out and simply fake the credentials.

I think what Topanga meant was "do you get trackbacks that are real trackbacks from real people doing a trackback?". If you're not getting those then why not just disable trackbacks via your 'Blog settings' tab in your back office?

8 Dec 06, 2006 01:11

Ahhh ok, I have just disabled the trackbacks. Personally I don't get much traffic and I don't really expect much. But it would be nice to have this feature activated if there was a way to block all these spambots.

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