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1 Oct 11, 2006 13:01    

A problem found while trying out Ecto (an offline blogging tool) - language special characters (in Unicode) are replaced by garbage in the blog posts read by Ecto.

See screenshot:

The distortion of characters happens in the XMLRPC interface of b2evolution:

Fixed this distortion by commenting out these 2 lines in xmlrpc_encode_entities:

                        //      if ($code < 32 || $code > 159)
                        //              $character = ("&#".strval($code).";");

But there is a similar problem when posting blog entries containining language special characters (i tried Latvian and Russian) to b2evolution via XMLRPC - they all get turned into '?'.

In Ecto debug console I see that post content is submitted with Unicode characters still in place.

Has anyone seen this problem before and can recommend how to fix it?

I am using b2evo 0.9.2, Ecto 2.1.7 and Blogger API (other API choices in Ecto are MetaWeblog, MovableType and Atom).

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