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1 Oct 14, 2006 23:49    

Guys, guys, guys, how come there are so many posts about the initial instal problem of the mysql connection issue, but yet there still isnt a full answer. I've been trying all sorts of soultions that I got from this and other forums but I cant get this blasted thing to work at all.
Yes, I checked the values, Yes the database exists, no I'm not a compltee idiot. I have to admit that the only one I couldnt do was telling mysql to use old passwords because I dont have the relative permission, and plus Im a total newbie in Pleks/linux situation.

Anyway V frustrating. Moving on >>>

2 Oct 15, 2006 14:04

There are 8,974 installation topics on the WordPress forums and the largest percentage of them are related to mysql connections.

There are 3,422 installation topics on the Joomla forums.

Im sure I could go on, but dont feel that I need to.

The long and short of it is that not all installation issues are answered with one solution.

Good luck with whatever you move on to. Since you didnt actually pose a question that anyone can help you with, I will go ahead and move this otherwise useless thread to the chat area.

In the event you return and provide more details..perhaps someone can help you then. I would also like to ask that you provide a more descriptive topic title than butchered song lyrics to a 1980s dead or alive song if you continue to post.


3 Oct 16, 2006 22:03

Wow that was some come back. ok Sorry for the impationts and perhaps a bit rude, its just ive tried nearly every single multi user/multi blog out there and I can't install any of them. I cant even get an error out of them. The install page just goes blank, or in this case Im using the wrong version of PHP it appears and I cant downgrade it. I got WP and b2e with my server but niether will install even using plesk because of my php version.

Just a question, is there a large sepository of templates this b2e other than the ones on this site? Are many people developing them.


4 Oct 17, 2006 00:12

If your server (host?) offers an installer for WP and b2evolution and you have problems getting both to install I'd say you should be talking to your host about it. Like why would they offer something that doesn't install?

The skins you see here are the only ones publicly available. Many people customize their skin, but very few submit it to the skins site. The skins page was 'on vacation' for a while so maybe that discouraged people, but it's back and it's growing. AFAIK b2evolution has more skins for the current version than ever before. Oh except for those "wp clone" skins that were designed to simply drop the existing css file into a b2evo installation. Lots of them back in the day, but all of them said "this doesn't have all the features of a real b2evo skin because it's a quick clone from a uniblog app" (or something like that ;) ).

5 Oct 17, 2006 05:08

welcome back gloveny. :) I had an absolutely horrific weekend, so my apologies if I was a bit harsh.

for what its worth, if you have the neccessary mysql info, I really reccomend avoiding the plesk install.

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