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1.8.2 email notification - email from b2evo, not commenter

Started by on Oct 18, 2006 – Contents updated: Oct 18, 2006

Oct 18, 2006 02:52    

Hello all,

In my prior version of b2evo, when I got a comment notification, the email looked as if it came from the commenter, so I could reply to the email and it would reply to the commenter.

now, the comment notification comes from so I have to find the commenters email address and then replace that b2evo address when I hit reply.

How can I change the notification so that it either appears to come from the commenter, or else (maybe preferable) that the reply-to address is from the commenter?

Thanks much,

Oct 22, 2006 19:41

See Comment::send_email_notifications() in /blogs/inc/MODEL/comments/_comment.class.php.

From looking at the code it should use the address of registered users as the From address, but not if it's a visitor (who has also given an e-mail address).

IMHO it's a bad thing that the email address of members gets used: a spammer would "just" have to subscribe to comments and then gets real email addresses.. :/

I'll file a todo request to change this and use the built in message form instead (linking there from the email body).
But on the other hand you are right and it would be handy to have the mails ready for replying. It should be an option somewhere, defaulting to not use the email addresses for public mails.

Oct 28, 2006 22:50

Hi Blueyed,

I can't figure out what to change in the _comment.class/php file to cause the email to appear to be from the sender.

alternatively, how about adding something so that the from address is the b2evo thing but the reply-to is the sender's email?


Oct 29, 2006 08:30

I'm also trying to figure this out.
I would like the user to be in the From section in the e-mails I get, and also, and its important that when i hit reply it sends an e-mail to the user that put up the comment.

i'm trying to get the subject of the e-mails i get to not have the blog title at the beginning, the code to call it up is '%s' but the same code is used to call up the post title, so if i delete the blog title the post title automatically changes itself to the blog title.

Jan 18, 2007 21:10

Can anyone speak to this?

Feb 24, 2007 04:18

I believe the commenter's address should never appear in the "From" field of an email notification, since SPF and other SenderID server identification frameworks prevent those emails from being delivered correctly and your server might be flagged as spammer by some large audience email services.

However, a "Reply to" field might be used in order to help the administrator to contact a comment's author.

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