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1 Oct 29, 2006 12:41    

I seem to have a Sunday 29th October and a Monday 29th October showing on my calender - both are highlighted today and both show the same page - any ideas?

view to experience the moment of deja vu tomorrow. :)

2 Oct 29, 2006 13:45

Infact - looking at the previews of the skins on this site , it appears that they all show two 29th October - is this now a common problem or is my computer in a "groundhog day" mode?

3 Oct 29, 2006 13:53

it was summertime wintertime this night in Europe..
Isuppose computers are affected with that

(joke, I have no clue, but I have the same, and I noticed it allready for several months)

4 Oct 29, 2006 15:17

ah right - that then begs the question as to what happens forthe rest of the year - will the calendar be a day out of sync for the rest of the year?

6 Oct 29, 2006 18:01

It's work perfectly ! Thanks :)

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