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1 Nov 01, 2006 23:36    

If so what do you think of it? They just released 1-beta7 and I haven't even looked at it, but I have beta6 running and I think it's pretty cool. On a web I adopted I was getting requests for a tagboard (O.M.G.) but I just say no to third party applications doing bits of my web, but felt that a chatroom would satisfy the purpose. Apparently not, as those into the tagboard thing think you shouldn't have to bookmark or click ANYTHING to get what you want to see, but whatever.

I wonder if anyone would dig on slipping a chatroom inside b2evolution? Like a place to let registered bloggers chat in real time? I'm not because I'm always my only blogger, but maybe it's cool for those who have multiblogger installations?

Anyway I'm more curious about general feedback regarding phpfreechat.

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