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1 Nov 03, 2006 08:06    

hi, I am a new b2evo user and would like to thank you for this awesome blogging software and also provide some subjective feedback about things that I personally would have considered useful in the process of installing and using b2evo:


  • possibility to disable/enable user accounts

  • possibility to hide/show categories

  • option for categories without entries to be automatically hidden

  • option to accept non-standard email addresses for localhost installations (i.e. root@localhost may indeed be valid, even though it doesn't look so)

  • possibility to configure article series/columns (multi-part), so that new articles can optionally be associated with an existing series/column (i.e. "intro - part 1", "intro - part 2", "intro - part 3")

  • easily configurable article/entry templates that can be picked and then customized for each new article (of that type)

  • categories that optionally support static ordering/reordering directly -> in overview, rather than detailed view

  • optional description fields for categories, to be displayed as tooltips (div layer)

  • possibility to schedule articles/postings for publishing on certain data/time

  • less invasive plugin installation

  • preferably web based retrieval of available plugins & download of selected ones

  • [/list:u]

    Thanks again for this great blog package!

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