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1 Nov 11, 2006 13:58    

I run the Biker and Motorcycle Lawyer Blog at

I am running version 1.8.1-rc . I have stk customizing my Blog.

The spammers are killing me!! I am banning and reporting new spam everyday it seems. If I do an update from the central spam list, will it delete the spammers that I have already blocked locally?

2 Nov 11, 2006 16:00

I just installed the latest version of the captua plugin and it works. Now people who want to post comments will have to put in the right code. Yes!! This should get rid of the spam bots and only allow humans to do comments and trackbacks.

I still would like to know if updating my central spam list will kill the custom entries that I have in there!!

3 Nov 11, 2006 18:14

Updating your local copy of the antispam database will only add stuff. It is possible that something on the master list doesn't need to be added because it's already covered by something you've added. For example the master list might contain 'foobarbadsitespam.tld' and you've added 'foobar'. In that case it won't add 'foobarbadsitespam.tld' because there's no point.

BTW I was playing in the antispam database the other day and I noticed quite a few reports from your domain that were full URLs including the '/webpage.html' bit at the end. Keywords like that are not very good because they will only block a fake referer for exactly that page.

http://www.foobar.tld/porn/webpage.html is a very specific block.
http://www.foobar.tld/porn/ is better.
http://www.foobar.tld/ is bettet.
www.foobar.tld/ is better.
.foobar.tld is better.

"Better" meaning it'll catch more spammers, but don't get carried away with it. The best example of getting carried away is banning 'cialis' also bans 'specialist'.

4 Nov 11, 2006 18:45

I hear you man. I was just conversing with stk via email about my spam problem. He did not know it was so bad. Some spammer just got through the Captua system so I am going to add a whole bunch more fonts and noise!!

On my blog if someone wants to add a comment they are going to need to be a real human.

The reason why I have been adding the entire URL is because I did not want to ban an entire domain because some idiot is spamming from a subdomain. There are many sites out there that give users a webpage on a subdomain for free. You are probably right.

I just updated my database and I now have 206 pages of banned keywords.

I now have to figure a way to implement the Captua system on my regular law website form submission page for people wanting to submit their cases to me. I am getting at least 100 or more spam form submissions a day on that too.

I will go through and look at what I have banned locally to make sure I am not duplicating things.

Thanks Ed.

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