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Option: Delete this blog.

Started by on Nov 12, 2006 – Contents updated: Nov 12, 2006

Nov 12, 2006 23:02    

I was just wondering............

Since my users won't have access to their blog settings, is there an other option or hack or something for them to UN-register themselves, or terminate their blog if they wanted to?

If not, should there be a hack request?

Thank you

Nov 13, 2006 08:05

To the best of my knowledge this can only be done by admin users.

It would be possible to hack in but you'd have to be very careful not to allow the possibility of a user deleting another user/blog


Nov 13, 2006 13:53

Ok......Thank you though.

Perhaps someone will come up with something, so I'll keep an eye here.

Cheers :)

(I might play a bit with it too)

Nov 13, 2006 13:54

No problem. I'll move your post to the "request hack" forum ;)


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