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Thread last updated on Nov 13, 2006 at 10:19

1 Nov 13, 2006 10:19    

My son Ashwanthe celebrated his 5th b'day on Oct 31st. Fot the past two years, he has been hearing the word "Blog" on a daily-hourly basis. So when he came upto me and asked me why momma and I have a blog and he doesn't, I didn't have a stock dad reply for that :D

I'd just d/led Serenity and upgraded and I decided to create one for him. We call it his K'log - short for Kid Blog, pronounced Kay Log.

Of course, he's too young to form sentences on his own and to actually post them, so we made a deal. He will tell me daily what he wants on his K'log and I'll type it in for him :D . We will also post his 'Paint'ings and pics.

Check out [url=]Corn Flakes from the Orion[/url] and leave your thots behind...

3 Nov 14, 2006 20:14

Awesome idea, i'll remember it when my time comes round ;)

The only problem i can see is that your sidebar on the left does not take up the whole height.... At least it doesn't for me (opera 9.02 user), i would test it out in my other browsers, but can't right now for various reasons.

Besides that, it's great :)

4 Nov 14, 2006 20:49

Thanks guys for the warmth and goodwill. I've passed it on to Ashwanthe...

balu>I'm planning to put up a 160*600 adzone (related to kids' products) in the side-bar soon. It should be okay then, I guess...

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