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1 Jan 07, 2015 00:45    


Is there a plug_in that allows the user to adjust the number of posts and comments to be included in each page?


2 10 Jan 2015 06:46

Hi @amoun,

I think there is not such a plugin to do that.

Furthermore, when you said "allow the user", do you mean the administrator or any visitor? In the first case, I have seen another post from you commenting the parameters "Post/Days per page" and "Comments/Page", however I'm linking the manual pages here for future reference: and

Can you explain a bit more what do you have in mind? Would you like to suggest a feature on this subject?


3 12 Jan 2015 12:42

Thanks mgslopia

I've seen those pages and as you noted I have made a post on my effort to get the number of posts, that's been successful, although I couldn't find a simple variable that could pull that number from the database. I don't think a comment count in the same way is necessary now as the comment count is listed for each topic anyway.

I'm not sure what you mean by 'feature' but as I have made some sort of progress maybe the other topic should be closed and moved here and the other one closed.

On the admin side of this forum is it possible for users to remove content from community posts and delete them. I see there is an option to move posts but I don't see an option to delete.

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