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1 Dec 24, 2016 07:51    

hello friends
What is your solution for
UTF-8 Support Slug (urltitle) for posts/cats? {utf-8 this part }

for example:天堂/بهشت/


How is this possible?
Or should I go back to what file/class/functions?

i changed ascii_general_ci to utf8_general_ci slug_title in evo_slug database table
and post_urltitle in evo_items__item table

But not just yet

2 Dec 27, 2016 09:31

Hi, @dariush.barsam ,
I think it is not easy for us to change the slug to UTF-8 directly, for we may need rewrite the .htaccess file, but it's not easy. Also if there is a simply way to do this, the code engineer would no need to change the title from UTF-8 to the type of 'title-{number}' .Still, I have a way to change the Chinese character to phonetic transcription. Please see the topic: . May be this can help you or give you an idea.

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