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V 6.4.3: Update 5.2.2 to 6.4.3 - AJAX forms

Started by on Jun 02, 2015 – Contents updated: Jun 13, 2015

Jun 02, 2015 22:48    

After the update to 6.4.3 it is the same terrible thing as after every previous update:
I need to disable the AJAX forms and the cache setting of the site.
It is horrible to do it for a lot of blog (almost 50).

Please, please - don't make it as default. Let the updater look for the configuration of this or let it ask how it should react. It is really terrible in this way ...

06 Jun 2015 17:34

I need to disable all the AJAX form (for comments) in every blog again. In really every blog. That isn't good, if I have disabled it before the update. It would better to read the config in this point before update - and the setting should be after the update as before. That would really nice.

06 Jun 2015 17:44

HI ednong

Just to say I have to do the same, so yes, not having as default would be good. Apart from hanging sometimes I have other issuesbut I am so used to it I haven't gotten around to detail them. I will though in future.


06 Jun 2015 17:46

@ednong this code would be useful for you while the updater keeps ignoring the previous value of those settings:

UPDATE  `evo_coll_settings` SET  `cset_value` = 0 WHERE  `cset_name` =  "ajax_form_enabled";
UPDATE  `evo_coll_settings` SET  `cset_value` = 0 WHERE  `cset_name` =  "cache_enabled";

07 Jun 2015 00:34

Yes pls, no to ajax forms. Make it a global setting instead of per blog pls - if you havent already.

10 Jun 2015 03:55

We'll check this issue today.

10 Jun 2015 15:35

ajax forms should now be touched only until you uprade to 6.4.3. They won't be touched again on upgrade after 6.4.3.

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