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1 Mar 27, 2019 20:59    

Downloaded 6.11.0 having read the

Fresh installs will show examples of Recipes built with a custom Item Type, custom fields & custom display template
As I have been vegan for 45 years it's a bit of affront to get images of cooked beef in my face, and let's forget about the environmental impact of animal farming as who care about this odd ball in space.

So clearly I have deleted the folder in /media I just hope we are not going to get other's personal pleasures, that can be a bit insensitive, force fed.

b2evo is cool,
bee2evo is fine
but not beef2evo :)

2 Mar 28, 2019 17:16

I’m basically vegan too. The recipe samples are just technical examples, not foods you should actually eat.
If those samples are going to be a political statement, I don’t believe that eating vegetables that come from a supermarket are any better for the environment (industrial agriculture raises ill plants on dead soils... don’t get me started on that :p)
Therefore we would need vegan recipes, WITH quality photos, that DO include the part about how to grow your own veggies...and preparation times like “1 year” :P
If you can find that as open source content that can be freely integrated into b2evo without licensing issues, please send it out way, otherwise please look at it only from a technical perspective about using custom templates.

PS: we’ll probably include a line like “The b2evolution group does not condone the actual consumption of most of the ingredients listed on this page.” ;)

3 Mar 28, 2019 19:38

Ha! and should anyone want a recipe for sort of ethical food they can see me at my site, I have lots of acres for the animals and hermits.

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