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Creating a Multiblogging with normal users

Started by on Oct 07, 2016 – Contents updated: Oct 08, 2016

Oct 07, 2016 11:58    

I'v spent the past few days looking for answers for this and found that no one can provide any solution to this. I need a blogging site that give normal registered users a blogging rights automatically. The option I found using this platform is that you can assign normal users to blog, however giving them access to blog will in fact give them access to the admin tab on their profile options. can anyone provide a solution to grant normal users the access to create a blog without opening up other can of worms?

Oct 07, 2016 13:30

Thanks for the reply.. the normal users received a blog however, cant post.. is there a way for this to configure? @fplanque

Oct 07, 2016 13:50

I've turned on the "restricted backoffice access, which i assume is the only way for normal users to post in blog. see images.
However, while doing that it turn on the admin tab on user profile - which i dont want (see image) and also at the bottom is a link to my hosting directory - is this a bug? (see image)

Oct 07, 2016 18:48

Thank you :-) how do i go about removing the admin tab?

Oct 07, 2016 19:00

the login is for a normal user

Oct 08, 2016 09:44

Hello after going through the information I received, I think I asked the wrong question. I am creating a website with one blog and I need registered users to post to the blog I created . The registered user should be configured automatically from login

Oct 08, 2016 14:46

Registered users go in to the Normal Users group by default when they register.

So based on your new request:

  • do NOT give Normal Users a new blog by default
  • DO give Normal Users permission to post into the one blog you created . You do this with the advanced collection permissions.

Making sense?

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