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Started by on Dec 07, 2016 – Contents updated: Jan 06, 2017

Dec 07, 2016 06:43    

The viewers of my website instead of subscribing and helping are being employed by about 70B of stolen money from SUNW
or US in 2007. I am prevented from living in California for this shameless theft to continue. I am a body worker yoga fitness traveller and not a software engineer now and want to focus on just blogging and content. But current technology does not allow me to know who is viewing my website and they are openly criminal and not subscribing.

So i need a subscriber popup to prevent user from viewing the website unless they enter the information about them i request using
popup. How do i install it. Is it available in any skin as a widget?. Which skin is it. Otherwise where can i find code to insert and which .php file i should insert

Dec 07, 2016 14:38

You can set your collection to "members only" which will require your visitors to register/log in before viewing the contents.

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