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Started by on Nov 18, 2017 – Contents updated: Dec 04, 2017

Nov 18, 2017 23:00    

b2evolution version: 6.9.3-stable released on 08/25/17

Sorry if this is not in the right section. I have been sick since just before Halloween so did not notice that links have disappeared from posts.

These are not the internally added links to the post itself but the links usually shown directly under the title of the post.

I add the links for that area in admin in the spot for "Link to url:" which in turn shows up in the post in blog under the title of the post.

This is the only links so far that have run away from home. I have gone in to edit and the links are listed but even resaving still do not appear in the blog...this is for EVERY post in the blog now.

Ideas of what I may need to reset?

Nov 19, 2017 07:22

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These are the links I can see. What others did you have?

Nov 21, 2017 06:16

The links everywhere are visible but the ones directly under the posts titles are not shown anymore--even having them entered in the posting area.

Nov 22, 2017 00:10

Still not sure what links you are missing given the skin you are using? Do you mean the date, the author etc.?

Nov 23, 2017 22:06

where the arrow is the link to the store page should show. In admin area when you make your post there is the spot to place the external links and that is where I put the link to our store so folks can go grab things if they wish.

see image, that link has always appeared under the categories info that normally is seen and now is gone thru the entire blog.

Nov 27, 2017 06:04

@darkangel did the links disappear after updating your site to 6.9.3? Can you switch to a default skin (i.e: Bootstrap blog) and see if links are displayed correctly (it's done by a widget, so in default skins it should work as expected). What skin did you use as base to generate yours? Do you have a file skins/[your-skin]/ ?

Nov 28, 2017 08:54

Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful and may your Christmas be equally as grand.

Yes upgrade to 6.9.3=links gone, I think the base for my edits was Mystique, since it was already black

I do have that file in the proper spot too. I see there is a newer update to do so am going to try it, then see if the links return like those sparrows..LOL

Nov 29, 2017 02:51

@darkangel You can add this line back by placing the appropriate widget into the "Item Single" container, which is automatically done by the upgrade process. I guess your skin does not implement this container so you don't get the expected result.

Please switch to a stock skin to see it work and copy the appropriate container code into your own skin.

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