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Plugins to insert a banner ad in the reading text of articles

started by on Sep 09, 2016 – Last touched: Sep 12, 2016

Sep 09, 2016 17:46    

Hi, i need a Plugins to insert a banner ad in the reading text of articles.
Now all the blog show a banner square inside the reading area of the text of an article.
There is a plugin to do it?

Sep 10, 2016 17:36

Is possibile to add [adsense:] tag into the core of blog ... to add this at all articles without to insert it avery time manually ?

Yes of course, but in the case it won't be in the middle of the article. It will be above or below or in the sidebar. But earlier you wrote:

i need a Plugins to insert a banner ad in the reading text of articles.

This seem two conflicting requests to me. Please explain what you want in more details so we can tell you how to achieve it.

Sep 10, 2016 17:47

System >> plugin >> Adsense >> Insert adsense code
In editing mode (either markup or wysiwyg) the editing bar now has a "adsense" button.
Put your cursor where you want the ad inserted and click the button.
That's it.

Sep 10, 2016 18:07

To insert adsense anywhere else in your skin, you can use the Free Html widget: Collections >> Blog A >> Widgets >> (sidebar) Add widget >> Free HTML >> Paste Adsense code >> save.

Sep 11, 2016 09:42

Hi, thanks for the reply. You are very kind.

Please see this example :

| text ........ | right sidebar
| text ........ | right sidebar
| * ad banner | right sidebar
| text ........ | right sidebar
| text ........ | right sidebar

  • For all articles of the blog ( with the same html code )
    the code should appear about half article.
    Not in the sidebar, not above or under the article but in the middle about half article.

Is possible ?
Thanks again

Sep 11, 2016 16:30

It's not currently a feature of the plugin but we can probably add it.

Please upload a profile picture. (It makes the forums more human ;)

Sep 11, 2016 16:52

It will be very nice. Many blog offers this feature now.
Thanks again.
Photo upladed :)

Sep 11, 2016 20:15

Ok, I added this to our todo list.

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