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RSS Feed for posts is not working properly

Started by on May 02, 2018 – Contents updated: May 04, 2018

May 02, 2018 10:37    

b2e 6.9.7


In regard of GDPR I prefer Users to use RSS Feeds of posts and comments. But I realized, that only rss feed for comments work up to the last comment. For posts the rss feed stops in January and all posts after are not listed and delivered.

Is there a fix or do I have to customize in a way I have not figured out yet

Thanks and regards,

May 04, 2018 22:02

May be this is a matter of Chache-Management.
In Features > Posts > RSS/Atom feeds I set "Posts in feeds" to 30 and
deactivated in widget "XML Feeds (RSS / Atom)" in container "Sidebar" "Allow caching:" (in other collections in which caching was not enabled the problem does not exist. Therefor I presume, the bug may root in cache management.)

Now; also the latest post is listed in RSS Feed.

Hope, that the next post will be added to the list. I will keep you updated ;-)

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