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Local-Hosted SWF Video Shows on Admin Page, Not Public Blog

Started by on Feb 04, 2008 – Contents updated: Feb 04, 2008

Feb 04, 2008 23:20    

I am using b2 v.2.4.0.

I have a FLV file hosted on my server, and want to show it via a SWF player which I made.

I inluded the following code in to the post. I see the video in my Admin page where I entered the post. I look on the blog as the public sees it, and the video is not there.

Also, the video plays and appears just fine, with control buttons, when called directly in the browser's address bar with ''.

When I alter the PHP code for the non-admin skin file for html_header to NOT include the "<base href..." (base url), then the video is shown, but the page is displayed with no style or skin.

So...this must have something to do with the base url for non-admin skins.

YouTube videos can be shown with similar html code, so that's perplexing. What's up with my locally-hosted video?

Why would it work on the 'admin.php' page and not 'index.php'?

height="252" >
<param name="play" value="false" />
<param name="loop" value="false" />
<param name="allowScriptAccess" value="sameDomain" />
<param name="src" value="" />
<a href="">
<img src="/../images/no_flash.png" width="221" height="77" alt="Please download Adobe Flash Player" />

Feb 08, 2008 20:53

Hi danocorno,

Does it work if you call the video indirectly through 'player.swf' or 'BLOG/player.swf'?
From here without a link I cannot be much of help. You will probably find a clue in the sourcecode of the blog.

Good luck

Feb 10, 2008 02:49

danocorno wrote:

You took the code right out of my mouth. THANK YOU LadyEase. This is just what I needed. I made a few tweaks to the code of the plugin to suit my site, but other than that, it is perfect.

Thank you Thank you

I just released version 2.1... needed a code fix

glad it came in handy for you!

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