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Allow users to blog but not edit other posts

Started by on Feb 05, 2008 – Contents updated: Feb 05, 2008

Feb 05, 2008 13:39    

My b2evolution Version: Not Entered

Help required please!!!

I have a number of users who can access a blog. They are members of this blog but although i want them to add new blog entries and i don't want them to be able to edit other entries. When i go into the user permissions and add the options these are for both post and edit???!?!!!

I have installed the "Edit Permissions Control Plugin" but this doesn't seem to have helped. Am i missing something really simple here??


Feb 05, 2008 13:49

Hi callan,

Please tell me what version of B2evo you are using.

Feb 05, 2008 14:46

This problem is solved in 2.x releases...
So if possible upgrade to 2.4 and you have all the customizations to your at your fingertips

Feb 05, 2008 15:04


Version is 1.10.2

My hosts are siteground and this is the version that they install through their server. Any ideas please? Is it possible with my current version?

Feb 05, 2008 18:54

@callan1974: there is a plugin called something like "editprmcntrl" by user name balupton that does what you seek, and you might be able to find a hack that did the same thing by user name EdB. Searching the forums should find one of those methods.

@Topanga: how is this solved in 2.*? I set up a 240 blog with 3 users (admin and 2 people). All are in the admin group and all are level 10 and all can edit each other's works. I have not tried very hard to find it on my own but since it came up I figured it was okay to ask ;)

Feb 05, 2008 21:49


Thanks for that. i had a search thought the forums and tried a few things. Managed to uplod the editprmcntrol to my site. However the settings for user permission s hasn't changed even for a new user.

As a stop gap i ahce restricted users to add draft blogs so they cannot edit others but not really a solution. Im probably missing somethi really silly in the settings cos from your posts it does appear to work for others.


Any advice warmly welcomed!

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