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Android / iPad support for blogging on the move..

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Is this in the works? Wordpress now has mobile apps to easily blog from your phone etc, any heads up for b2?

Comment from: Emin Ozlem

AFAIK b2 has no immediate plans of developing an android app for blogging. you should tweet @b2evolution or @fplanque about it.The main dev. is not stopping by forums much.

2011-01-23 @ 00:58

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Aren't there already blogging clients out there that can do this using the MetaWeblog APIs?

2011-01-25 @ 18:25

Comment from: Emin Ozlem

possibly. you mean like posterous or summat ?

let us know if you have any suggestions and see if we can make it into a plugin

2011-01-25 @ 19:01

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