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List more than 6 blogs in backoffice

Started by on Mar 05, 2011 – Contents updated: Mar 05, 2011

Mar 05, 2011 14:45    

My b2evolution Version: Not Entered

You know how b2 lists the first created 6 blogs in BO, and makes a dropdown for the rest and all blogs.

That maybe a good idea, but i am not sure if "6" is the optimal number.And it should be available as a setting somewhere.
You see in the screenshot below i have a lot more space to display more than 6.


Bottomline: How can i increase that number to 10 or 20 or sth ?

Mar 06, 2011 01:18


   * Returns list of buttons for available Collections (aka Blogs) to work on.
   * @return string HTML
  function get_bloglist_buttons( $title = '' )
    global $current_User, $blog, $pagenow;
    $max_buttons = 7;


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