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Video .mp4 player HTML5 streaming ?

Started by on May 20, 2016 – Contents updated: May 30, 2016

May 20, 2016 09:49    

I've tried to find some informations about this, but nothing really helpful for me... or outdated topics...

My goal :
Adding a already existing uploaded .mp4 video in a post, with a player directly on the post, html5 can be nice! No Adobe Flash player required if possible.
As I see on this example :

If tried :

  • both plugins are enabled : "Flowplayer" + "HTML 5 MediaElement.js Video Player" + "HTML 5 VideoJS Player"
    I've linked the video file, but only the link to download the video is showing on the post, sadly no video player...

Is it possible ? Is there a tuto showing how to make it possible ?
Many thx for your help :)

May 21, 2016 03:40

Hi @minos,

Please just enable one HTML 5 player then have a try.

May 21, 2016 14:18

@minos what version of b2evolution are you running?

The FlowPlayer plugin should be called by default when it's installed.

I've linked the video file, but only the link to download the video is showing on the post, sadly no video player

How did you link the video?

The video must be attached to the post in order to be correctly displayed. Please find more info about attachments here: Note that the following positions would work: Teaser, After "more" and Inline.

May 22, 2016 22:25

Thx for your help to you 2 !

I'm running current stable 6.6.8
As said, I've activated only one video plugin, and disabled the 2 others. So, to be sure :

  • activated : Flowplayer
  • not activated : "HTML 5 MediaElement.js Video Player" + "HTML 5 VideoJS Player"

The video is linked with the little button + and "inline" is selected. So in the text, it's written
(not "video" as the screenshot you've posted... I've tried, nothing better...)

Humm, the problem can come from my video converted ?
I've to try with another skin... may be another way...?

Thx ;)

May 23, 2016 22:04

Thx for your video test file :)
So we are sure it's not a video file problem!

Result is the same, only the link is on the post...
I've tried to post on a wiki and on a blog, same b2evolution instance.
Tried another skin, Horizon Blog to Bootstrap Blog.

Humm, I've to try some other things... :'(

May 29, 2016 23:20

[video:xxx]only works in VERY recent versions of b2evolution. It is VERY possible that 6.6.8 is too old.

May 30, 2016 14:50

Hey, nice news :)

Updated to current stable release 6.7.3 has solved the problem !

[video:XXX] is now working, and flowplayer is ok.

But I think it's necessary to re-upload again the video file...

Thx for updated b2evo ;)

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