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1 Jun 07, 2016 17:56    

I am having an issue with the short links plugin -- when I am editing a post in the WYSIWYG view and click on the "short links" button, some but not all collections appear in the choices of where to find links to insert. I have two blogs, two manuals and a photoblog (plus the main blog as site home page) and no matter where the post is that I am editing I only ever see the two manuals and photoblog as options in the dropdown menu. Is there a setting that will make all blogs visible for inserting posts? I've been hunting around in various settings and can't find anything that makes a difference.

Experiments so far: short links work for all blogs: if I am in a manual and add double square brackets around a post slug from one of the blogs, the link works. If I create a new blog, it also appears in the list. It's just the first two blogs (which are reconfigured versions of the demo Blog A and Blog B) that fail to appear.

Any ideas would be appreciated.


b2e version: 6.7.3

4 Jun 08, 2016 14:11


Thanks for the response! Yes the blogs are the same ones as mentioned in that other post. And both issues are resolved if I change the list of collections settings to:

Lists of collections --> show in front office --> for logged in users only

It was previously "members only" for the two blogs in question.

And collection permissions for all blogs are "advanced" and "allow access to everyone."

I suppose I don't quite get the meaning of this particular "lists of collections" setting since the owner of the blogs is also a member and the blogs were not appearing to the owner in the sitewide header. On the other hand, hiding the blog in the plugin seems unrelated to the "front-office," since it is only possible to see that plugin while editing a post, i.e., in the "back-office." Maybe these are unintended consequences of some inner complexities of the system.

The reason I am using these settings is related to the use of my site. Ideally, I'd like one blog and one manual visible in the sitewide header to members of each of two different groups and hidden otherwise. So, group A sees only blog A and manual A, and group B sees only blog B and manual B. But then I'd like the owner (me) to see them all in the header and for all blogs to be accessible without login to selected lurkers who know the urls. I'm using this setup for teaching a couple of different courses and colleagues need to see what's happening... But if changing the front office visibility of these blogs to "members only" breaks the plugin's functionality I'll use another solution -- like commenting out the blog lists in the sitewide header php file and then relying on menu links within the blogs for inter-blog navigation. I like the login link on the sitewide header, otherwise I'd just not use it.

Thanks so much for your help!


5 Jun 08, 2016 23:09

I think you get the meaning of that setting but that setting migth have a bug in 6.7.3. Checking...

6 Jun 16, 2016 02:25


Just wanted to let you know that the bug fix edition, 6.7.4 fixed this problem. Thanks for the upgrade and keep up the good work!


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