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1 May 20, 2014 19:41    

Not sure if this is an error of coding or of the comment. At the end of the program says // Call the coll_search_form widget:, but it calls

'widget' => 'coll_tag_cloud',

instead of calling

'widget' => 'coll_search_form',

which I believe is the right widget to call in case of error 404...

2 May 20, 2014 22:54

@fede I guess that the mistake is in the comment because this file have remained untouched from a long time, however, It makes sense to include a search box in the 404 pages.

As a side note, did you know that you could override this file by duplicating it in your skin and customizing it as you wish?

3 May 20, 2014 23:03

I didn't know that, but it's a very good idea...

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