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1 Jun 01, 2013 17:03    

Editing Created Post

I noticed that for some reason when I edit a post it randomly keeps on adding new Slugs.
It started out with 1, which is how it should be, but each time after I edit and save it adds an addition slug.

2 Jun 01, 2013 17:03

Here is a screenshot:

3 Jun 01, 2013 22:11

Thanks, we'll look into this.

4 Jun 01, 2013 22:32

Actually I noticed that it doesn't add an extra slug after each save, but instead if I preview it. If I preview a post 10 times and then save, then it has added a slug for each time I previewed the post before saving it. Hopefully this info will point you to the correct bug.

5 Jun 11, 2013 02:31

This should be fixed in 5.0.4

PS: your email address seems to not receive email

6 Apr 28, 2014 18:34

Hi, I know this is a bit old now but I have exactly the same problem after upgrading to 5.08. Any way I can fix this? Thanks.

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